Tuesday May 17 2016

Liverpool Super Vet using Bioresonance in driving new business

Liverpool Super Vet using Bioresonance in driving new business

Looking after your health all year round resonates with Dr. Paul Boland's clients

"Bio-Resonance testing is nothing new but as a technology is new to most people."

So says Dr. Paul Boland, the popular Liverpool vet who has been turning his attention to human health as well in more recent times after becoming a highly qualified Bicom Bio-Resonance expert.

"The kit was originally developed in the 1940s and gained some media exposure in the 1970s. 

"However, the technology has recently grown leaps and bounds and more practitioners realise that with the many thousands of remedies, herbs and supplements out there, that to treat each client with protocol wasn't treating them as an individual, which we all are!

"And this is where the Bicom technology I have recently invested in comes into its own.

"There are thousands of frequencies that are tested safely, quickly and effectively with a client's unique physiology. It offers a quick painless and incredibly cost-effective way of finding out exactly how my clients body, mind, emotions and energy field are in real time, not in two weeks but as they are sitting in front of me!"

Paul maintains that he can explore so much more than just for example nutrition deficiencies.

"Clients will present for example, with food allergy and intolerance symptoms but we will look at the energetic state of internal organs, environmental sensitivity, nutritional needs, any hormonal imbalances, toxicity in the body, parasites and potential viruses and much more.

"Our philosophy is very much focused on the preventative method in order to treat illness at its earliest possible stage by checking a client's energetic status.

Paul says he's spent 24 years in medicine but sees bio-resonance as the future of healthcare. 

"We really need to consider thinking about disease far more at a preclinical phase."

Paul has already amassed a series of case studies demonstrating life changing results using Bicom bio-resonance technology.

"It's the future of functional medicine...so much time and money can be saved simply by taking advantage of this powerful technology, and it's why I've invested substantially in it."

For Paul, re-establishing balance to the energetic pathways that run through organs, glands and tissues holds the key to restoring and maintaining optimum health.

"Ideally we would like to meet clients who believe they are in an optimal state of health and give them an MOT every year just to check how they really are. But in reality, we meet clients that present with a wide variety of symptoms."

One of the most common conditions Paul has come across using his Bicom machine has been Lyme disease, so much so that he's recently set up a Facebook group to help support sufferers of the condition.

"January has been especially busy for us, spurred on no doubt by the media focus in January on health and wellness.

"We've already identified nine Lyme disease cases this year alone and it's only the third week of January. However, without the Bicom machine, it's highly likely that most of these patients will have presented with some minor symptoms but never found out about their actual condition until a very late stage.

"All of my clients without hesitation are now looking at a more sustainable approach to health rather than focusing on health at certain times of the year, especially at the beginning of the year."



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