Tuesday April 16 2019

World Voice Day - How To Look After & Use Your Voice To Get Visible

Today is World Voice Day. Anna Parker Naples - an award-winning Voice Actor and Motivational Speaker - shares her top tips for keeping your voice healthy and using it to get visible.

World Voice Day - How To Look After & Use Your Voice To Get Visible

Today is World Voice Day, Anna Parker Naples - an award-winning Voice Actor and Motivational Speaker - has experienced using her voice in many different ways, from hiding behind being a voice actor for fear of being physically visible, to now finding her voice in the fullest sense of the word, speaking on world stages about visibility and transformation.

Anna is also an award-winning NLP Business Mentor and Success coach, helping clients find their true voice having herself experienced many personal and mental health challenges including bullying, being wheelchair bound and depression which led to her feeling like she wanted to hide from the world. Her voice work was her way of rejoining the world after she experienced trauma and it has been such a powerful journey for her.


For Anna:

* Voiceover work became her beacon of hope 

* Gaining confidence in the studio gave Anna something positive and exciting to focus on, and kept her thoughts well away from discomfort and physical struggle whilst she struggled to walk

* Becoming an award-winning voice actor gave her enormous inspiration and encouragement and the voice acting industry inspired her on a path of coaching and personal development.

* Now, Anna is not just a voice but is no longer afraid to stand on stage - as a motivational speaker, life coach, master NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, Anna is passionate about sharing her story to help other people turn their lives around and overcome any obstacles that they may feel are in their way - from Invisible to Invincible! 

* Anna has recently founded a movement to empower others to go from being Invisible to Invincible – supporting those with big dreams who feel stuck, small & frustrated in finding their voice and having the confidence to transform their lives.


World Voice Day is about celebrating healthy voices & the importance of having a voice.


Anna's Top Tips for Keeping a Healthy Voice 

  1. Drink as much water as possible to keep your vocal chords hydrated and to prevent mouth clicks, especially when doing any microphone work.
  2. Do vocal warm ups before any occasion where you will be speaking for a long time or at a raised level. It can prevent hoarseness and strain.
  3. Steam your vocal chords often if you are regularly speaking as part of your work.
  4. Avoid neck and shoulder tension by having regular massages and exercise.
  5. Drink high grade Manuka honey to prevent and recover from sore throats. 


The Importance of Having a Voice

  1. Freedom of expression matters. When you don’t speak up, it can lead to resentment, frustration and bitterness, which ultimately only affects you.
  2. Speaking up about what you believe in is empowering and builds confidence quickly. 
  3. As a professional, having a voice gives you authority and credibility as a recognised leader in your field of expertise.
  4. Since not only words, but also the sound of your voice is unique, by sharing your vulnerabilities and beliefs you can carve a sense of identity. Those who resonate with you and your message will be attracted to you, giving you much stronger connections. 
  5. By using your voice you have the ability to impact the world in a positive way, even if your words only touch one person’s life.

"Freedom of expression matters. When you dont speak up, it can lead to resentment, frustration and bitterness, which ultimately only affects you."
Anna Parker-Napes

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